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Regardless of the type of tower, QDS Communications executes tower construction solutions, ranging from site surveying, foundational work, and all the way through system design and testing. Our expert crews in our local areas will complete your tower project. Any tower services you need, we can deliver. Our dedicated team of experts provides a full range of services, such as: Site maintenance,  new installations, auditing, diagnostics, lighting and replacements, painting, grounding systems, inclement weather deployments, on-call services, cameras, all with 24-hour emergency response if needed.

Radio and microwave tower construction has many points that require experience and drive to get through to a tower being constructed. There are many "moving parts" and specialists that must be identified upfront and brought to the table so the construction can be done safely and as scheduled. Many challenges are met with the National Forested areas. Hidden pitfalls can disrupt or cause cancellation of projects which result in less than reliable communications for your users.

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